We are specialists in the following areas:-
I)ca9 Audit and Investigation
* Statutory Audit and Investigation
* Internal Audit Management, Continuous Audit
* Specialized Audit
* Investigations, Back Duty Investigations

II) Enterprise Resource Planning
• Determination of enterprise resource requirement
• Ascertainment of enterprise resource
• Identification of enterprise resource market
• Implementation of enterprise resource plan
• Management calibration
• Evaluation of enterprise progress
• Re-planning/consolidation of enterprise resource

ekuIII) Tax Planning and Tax Management.
We provide comprehensive service in taxation. This includes:

• Assisting in planning tax to enable reduction of tax burden significantly.
• Computing/Reviewing Computations of Tax Liability including those subject to foreign taxes, double taxation agreement,
• Agreeing the tax liabilities with, and making returns to Tax Authorities,
• Filing returns to, liaise and deal with the Tax Authorities and obtain Companies Income Tax Clearance Certificates.
• Reviewing PAYE system and advise on compliance with the relevant tax laws.
• Advising on Will and Estate (Tax Planning/Management)
• Obtaining Pioneer Certificates for Industries (tax holidays)
• Advising on planning, management and making payments for Withholding Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Value Added Tax.
• Petroleum Profits Tax
• Providing regular information and advising on changes in Tax Laws.

ca1IV) Accelerated Revenue Mobilization and Generation

• Identification of revenue sources
• Strategic design of Collection System and Budgeting
• Implementation of Collection
• Monitoring and Audit.

V) Financial/Management Advisory Services Including:-

• Capital Reduction, Reconstruction and Restructuring Schemes;
• Project Identification and Management,
• Project Evaluation Report;
• Company Valuation and Credit Rating Reports, Corporate Status Reports, Mergers and Acquisitions advisors,
• Loan/Credit Facilitators and Consultants, Funds mobilization and placements
• Feasibility study Reports; Budgeting, Cash Flow Statements/Forecasts.
• Design and Management of Pension and Gratuity Schemes;
• Micro and Macro Credit Scheme Designers, Managers and Advisors
• Privatisation/Commercialisation Advisors
• Personnel audit; Work study;
• Management Contractors;
• Study and analysis of management problem and proffering solutions etc.
• Institutional Development
VI Accounting and Accounting Systems Development

• Design, installation of Accounting and Control Systems
AAAAAAAA• Accounting and Control System Analysis Restructuring, Improvement and Replacement.

VII)Computerization of Accounting Systems

• Accounting Software Supply, Installation,
• Implementation and Software Maintenance
• Training and retrssssssaining of personnel in Accounting
• Management and Finance Packages
• Computer Audit, Computer Assisted Audit Techniques

ca10VIII) Financial Systems Control and Management.

• Accounting Services Contractors
• Payroll Administration;
• Stock Control and Management
• Fixed Assets Control and Management;

IX) Insolvency, Receiverships and Liquidation

ca5X)) Company Secretarial Services
• Incorporation of Companies and Amendments to existing companies like increase in share capital, amendments to Memos, Articles, Co7 etc;
• Registration of Business Names, Clubs, Societies, Schools, Associations, Religious organizations;
• Preparing and making Annual Returns to Corporate Affairs Commission;
• Recording and keeping Minutes Books and other Statutory Books;
• Processing Business Permits and Licenses, Approved Status, Pioneer Status, Technical Services Agreements, Acceptance Certificates etc.

XI) Staff Recruitment and Training

• Executive Selectionsss
• Capacity Building – Human Resources development.